TNH 1 (テレビニュージーランド北斎 Terebi Nyūjīrando Hokusai; official English name: Television New Zealand Hokushi) is a television station serving Tennjo and the El Kadsreian territory of Hokushi. It is owned by Television New Zealand and is an affiliate of the New Zealander television network TVNZ 1. It is one of the only TVNZ 1-affiliated television networks outside New Zealand. TNH 1's sister channels are TNH 2 (launched in 1989) and TNH Duke (launched in 2016).

The studios are located in downtown Tennjo and the transmitter is located in the hills of Hachi.


Hokushi One launched in 1981 with the introduction of the PAL standard to Hokushi to allow for a supplement for NTSC-J and to entertain the New Zealander audiences.



  • TNH 1 (1981-present)
  • TNH 2 (1989-present)
  • TNH Duke (2016-present)


  • TNH 6 (2007-2011)
  • TNH U (2011-2013) (replaced AT-X)
  • TNH 7 (2008-2012) (replaced El TV Kadsre 24)
  • TNH Heartland (2010-2015) (replaced Fox Sports & Entertainment)
  • TNH Kidzone24 (2011-2016) (replaced BS11)


Current programs

Local programs

  • TNH News (1981-present) (weekdays only)

New Zealand programs

  • TVNZ 1 News (1989-present)
  • Seven Sharp (2013-present)
  • TVNZ Breakfast (1997-present)

Former programs

New Zealand programs

  • Holmes (1989-2004)
  • Close Up (2004-2013)
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