TS-UGOS for TheoryPDA is the discontinued TS-UGOS-based operating system for the TheoryPDA PDAs produced by Theorysonic from 1991 to 1997.

TS-UGOS for TheoryPDA was written entirely in C++ and trimmed to be low power consuming and use the available memory efficiently. Many applications were pre-installed in the ROM of the TheoryPDA (making for quick startup) and to save on RAM and flash memory storage for user applications.


TS-UGOS for TheoryPDA started development roughly the same time as TheoryPDA.

In 1997, TS-UGOS for TheoryPDA was discontinued and replaced by Portosic OS.


TS-UGOS for TheoryPDA includes many interface elements than TS-UGOS didn't have at the time.

Version history

Date released OS version
February 24, 1991 1.0
July 10, 1991 1.1
November 30, 1991 1.2
April 22, 1992 1.3
March 4, 1993 1.4
May 2, 1993 2.0
September 12, 1994 2.1
May 10, 1995 3.0
November 6, 1995 3.1
March 30, 1996 3.2
December 20, 1996 3.3
March 30, 1997 3.4

See also

  • PTSUG, the successor of TheoryPDA
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