TTV (TransTeleVision) is an El Kadsreian public-owned television channel started in 1951. It is the first El Kadsreian television channel to be broadcasted in color, as they started color broadcasts in 1957.


TTV started on December 1, 1951, as the first government-owned television channel, as El Kadsreian Television was owned by the Matsushita family at the time.

In 1957, TTV was the first television channel in El Kadsre to stage color broadcasts. In 1958, TTV, along with NTV moved its operations to Capulco after the split of El Kadsre.


As of 2019.

Original programming

  • TTV Newswatch (1952-present)
  • Eye to Eye (1970-present)
  • The Breaking (1983-present)
  • Never Say Die (2013-present)
  • Locomotion (2015-present)
  • National Edition
  • Daybreak (2009-present)
  • Welcome To The Club (2013-present)

Children & youth programming

  • Fireman Sam (UK) (1989-present)
  • The Sunday Sundae (1983-present)
  • Finger Tips (UK) (2019-present) (formerly aired on ETVKK)
  • Little Robots (UK) (2019-present) (also aired on El TV Kadsre 5)

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