TV4 is Herzoland's fourth terrestrial television channel, launched in 1982. It competes directly with AT and TH1.


TV4 was the second private Herzolish TV channel to be launched, AT having been launched six years before, and the fourth channel in all. This majority-Catholic ownership pushed TV4's programming in the direction of Christian values. In the first years of its existence, TV4 assumed the role of an 'alternative' television broadcaster, dedicating segments of its airtime to distinct target audiences, with part of the morning dedicated to housewives and the elderly and part of the afternoon to the young. TV4 is known for having numerous national reality shows and dramas. It broadcasts a mix of local productions, such as dramas, family series and reality shows, news programs and international movies and series (mostly American, Vlokozuian/El Kadsreian and Croeyan).


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