TV8 is an Agolian free-to-air commercial television network owned by the TV8 Broadcasting Company. The network is based at TV8 Studios on Middle Road in Gandezula, Agoland.


1934–1958: Development and launch

In the 1930s, Agolian television was mostly a small industry, only having the Broadcasting Company of Agoland (BCA) and National Broadcast Television (NBT).

TV8 was launched on March 1, 1935, receiving its name because of its channel 8 station licenses, leading to 8-ATV in Calando, 8-AJD in Jedusk, and 8-AOV in Obivanni. TV8 focused on documentary and news when it launched. The news was called TV8 News for all stations, regardless of branding. The Legal Broadcast Authority of Agoland (LBAA) described it as a "news and documentary-based television channel" due to its programming.

1958–1961: Beginnings in entertainment

TV8 began entertainment programming in 1958, with a programming block called Entertainment on TV8, in an attempt to beat BCA and NBT. Old cinematic films would be broadcast for about three hours, the films depending on the station. This block started on 8-ATA.

TV8's entertainment block made them stand out from other television channel in Agoland, making TV8 Agoland's second most watch television channel, only behind National Public Broadcasting (NPB).

1961–1964: Daytime news

TV8 evolved to broadcast daytime newscasts, which began on April 9, 1961, which began with TV8 Daytime.

1964–present: Becoming dominant

For two years from 1971 to 1973, TV8 was Agoland's most watched television network, due to its wide variety of programming. It is still Agoland's most watched television network today.


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