The Titanium Video Disc (TVD) is an digital disk storage invented by Theorysonic in 1984 and released in 1985. The medium was mostly used for recording, store any kind of data and watch video programs on TVD players. TVDs have a higher storage capacity than 12-inch floppy disks while having the same dimensions.

The average size of the TVD is 256MB (approx. 30 minutes of footage), compared to the high density 3 12-inch floppy disk. which had 1.4MB of storage. TVDs also came with 128MB, 64MB and 32MB, which were made for the cosumer market while 120MB is only used in prerecorded disks, which came ranging from 4 to 12 disks, depending on the size of the footage.

In 1991, high density TVDs were made and it can hold from 512MB to 2GB of storage

Sales of TVDs declined in the late 1990s following the introduction of the DVD. In 2001, Theorysonic announced production of standalone of TVD players were discontinued while pre-recorded TVD disks were continued to be made until 2003. However, Meroview continued to made blank TVDs and TVD players until 2009.

Bionicle VI: Island of Doom was the biggest-selling prerecorded TVD, with over 1 billion copies sold. TVD player drivers are also available for PCs and Macs.

The three companies who produced TVDs are Theorysonic, Meroview, and Fujifilm.


Technical details

The TVDs have a same design and dimensions as the 3 12 floppy disks. TVDs have a black shutters unlike the typical floppy disks, which have silver shutters and they came in black while A1 and TitanVision disks came in grey and high density TVDs came in blue. Prerecorded TVDs would come in the vareity of colors to fit the setting of its content.

The blank TVDs have two holes on the disk while prerecorded TVDs only have one hole, which prevents the disk from being copied.

While TVDs made by Meroview and Fujifilm bear the same design as Theorysonic's, the Meroview Yousafzai II have a different design and has a futuristic feeling into it.




  • Original TVD (1985)
  • TVD HD (1991)


  • A1 (1986)
  • Yousafzai (1991)
  • Yousafzai II (1994)


  • Inspiron (1988)
  • Wuhan (1995)
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