TVN (formerly known as Northern TV, Four Network, RGN 4, and RGN North) is a commercial TV channel in North El Kadsre owned by Regal Group Network. It was launched on July 12, 1982.


The channel launched with mostly RTV and RGN shows and Vlokfilm movies, along with local and foreign programs. The logo looked exactly like the 1982 logo for the British television channel Channel 4, which prompted Northern TV to issue a lawsuit towards them in 1983.

After being purchased by Regal Group Network in June 1993, NTV4 rebranded as Four Network. It is similar to the France 2 and 3 logos.

It rebranded again into RGN 4 in 1995 and as RGN North in 2007 and TVN in July 2016.


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