TechEruo TV Sports II is the last console in the TV Sports series. It was TechEruo's first video game console with interchangeable controllers and cartridges.


TechEruo TV Sports II was launched in 1977, in Eruowood with the price of $190.99. The console featured 2 paddle controllers, 2 controller ports, cartridge slot, color support, and a built-in a pong game. TechEruo made additional cartridges, a light gun controller, and a steering wheel controller for the TV Sports II.

Game Library

TV Sports II's library only consisted of 20 games released for the system. Some of the most popular games for TV Sports II are Disc Shooter, Block Break, Go-Kart Race, Army War, etc.


The console wasn't a big of a seller due to its poor quality in graphics and constant glitches in the games making some of them unplayable. Also, the console had absolutely no third-party support. The console is very rare, only 10,000 copies are known to survive today, with an average eBay worth of $50,000 EWB.

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