TWO Radio is an Engarian radio network that serves across Engary. It is a subsidiary of TWO TV Group, an Engarian television network. The radio network was first launched on August 29th, 2018 when TWO TV introduced a new streaming media and audio download service, TWO TV Podcasts. The radio network is considered as a competitor to Wiki Radio, a subsidiary of Wiki TV Studios.


When TWO TV Group became the largest television broadcaster in Engary in 2016, the television network announced plans to launch a new radio network, known as Channel TWO Radio at the time. This came when Triple J, an Engarian version of the Australian radio station, announced that it will cease transmissions after the Engarian Broadcasting Authority rejected Triple J's request to be allowed to broadcast for another five years, and at the same time decided to tender for a new frequency package with higher coverage than at present.

The planned date for the launch of TWO Radio was in November 2016, however, TWO TV went against the idea and the initial launch of TWO Radio has been scrapped.

This wasn't until April 2018 when TWO TV officially announced that TWO Radio will launch later this year. The radio network was launched on August 29th, 2018.

List of radio stations

  • TWO Radio 1
  • Retro Radio
  • Best FM
  • TWO News Radio
  • TWO Radio For Kids
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