TWO TV (simply known as TWO) is an Engarian commercial television channel that was first launched on October 26th, 1987. It is the main competitor of Wiki TV and it is considered as one of the 2nd most-watched TV channels in Engary.


After Engarian News Channel was launched in 1982, the engarian national assembly has announced plans to launch the second commercial television channel in the country. In mid-1987, the then-speaker of the national assembly Albert Groves announces that they will hold a vote whether they should launch a new engarian commercial television channel or not.

On August 19th, 1987, national assembly MP Derrick Thomas announces the name for the then-upcoming commercial tv channel, known as Channel TWO. Derrick also claimed that the channel will have more entertainment programming than Wiki TV. MPs later voted to launch Channel TWO and no other MPs have voted against it.

The channel officially launched on October 26th, 1987. The first voice to be heard on the channel was the continuity announcer Dave Parker, who said: "Welcome! It's 2 'o Clock on Monday, October 26th, and this is Channel TWO."

After that, a montage of clips of its programs was later shown. later, the first program to air on the channel was Countdown, an Engarian version of the British game show of the same name.

Also on Channel TWO's Opening Day, Channel TWO Launched Austinside, an Engarian Soap Opera.

During the new year's day celebrations, Channel TWO aired a special live program, titled "2000 Today". It has aired throughout the last day of 1999. On the same day, Channel TWO has changed its logo, replacing the 1987 logo.

On January 2nd, 1995, Channel TWO launched a new soap opera known as Philioaks, however it originally aired at 20:30 pm.

On September 6th, 1999, Channel TWO began broadcasting in widescreen, thus making the first engarian TV channel to do so. Wiki TV has also begun broadcasting in widescreen a year later.

On September 1st, 2003, Engarian Broadcasting Television Ltd. was formed.

On December 19th of that same year, Channel TWO confirmed that Austinside will be canceled after the channel decided that the soap will not continue next year due to declining ratings. Philioaks later replaced the Austinside time slot and now airs at 20:00 pm.

On January 1st, 2010, TWO TV launched the engarian version of Lifetime.

In December 2013, Engarian businessman Duncan White, the chief executive officer of TWO TV, and Sonia Williams, the chief financial officer of TWO TV, purchased the channel, and on February 25th, 2014, TWO TV Group was formed, resulting in Engarian Broadcasting Ltd. to be dissolved.

On May 15th, 2016, during the Media Engary 2016 conference, Luke Walsh, the program director of TWO TV, announced that new channels will launch on TWO TV Group later this year, including some channels like Movie+, Channel TWO Soap, Channel TWO Music, and others.

On January 2nd, 2017, Channel TWO was renamed to TWO TV. other channels like Channel TWO Soap and Channel TWO Music have also changed their name.

On August 11th, 2018, TWO TV Group launched TWO TV Sports 2, as well as TWO TV Sports Extra, a premium service.

In 2019, changes were made to the staff of TWO TV. Duncan White and Sonia Williams both stepped down as chief executive officer and chief financial officer. Harrison Walsh, the son of the program director of TWO TV, was named as both chief executive officer and chief financial officer.

On February 17th, TWO TV launched TWO TV Classic, a channel that is dedicated to classic programs. MovieVerse was also launched on the same date.

On March 23rd, 2020, TWO TV, alongside RTL-TVI, have joined the #StayAtHome campaign. On that same date, TWO TV announced that it will air a new Docu-Reality series that is also called #StayAtHome.

Controversies and Criticisms

The Monica Baker Show controversy

In 2009, TWO TV (known as Channel TWO at the Time) came under fire after the former talk show (The Monica Baker Show) featured frequent obscene, extremely harsh verbal outbursts (not once life-threatening threats) that often led to physical aggression. There was even one episode that features one of the guests of the show (who is identified as a 60-Year old woman) brutally beating up her own daughter. This episode quickly received backlash from viewers and they demanded Channel TWO to cancel the show. On July 2nd, 2010, the show was canceled as a result of the backlash. On August 12th, 2012, the Engarian Broadcasting Authority punished Channel TWO because of the controversial fights that occurred in the series and it later got a break penalty for 12 hours because of the show.

Pregnancy-gate scandal

On January 21st, 2020, during an episode of the engarian version of Come Dine with Me, Martin Hall, the fitness guru, was among the contestants for this week. He said during the filming of the show that most marriages don't work because women get obese after giving birth. The comments martin made quickly received criticism among notable engarian celebrities, including the Philioaks actor (Robert Sparrow) who describes martin's comments as "scandalous" and "outrageous". As a result of the controversy, TWO TV canceled the filming of tonight's episode, and the channel has received a 5-hour penalty break from the Engarian Broadcasting Authority. On January 27th, Martin Hall said during a Facebook Live video that he would apologize for the scandal he broke out, also saying that the comments he made were just a joke.

Broadcast Hours

  • 1987-1989: 06:30am to 00:00am
  • 1989-2003: 06:00am to 00:00am
  • 2003-present: 06:00am to 03:00am
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