TWO TV News Now is an Engarian news channel operated by TWO TV Group. Launched on March 30th, 2020, TWO News Now provides the latest news 24 hours a day, as well as airing magazine shows. The channel is the competitor of Engarian news channel and Wiki TV news channel.


On March 2nd, 2020, TWO TV announced a new channel that will due to launch later this month, called TWO TV News Now.

The channel began experimental broadcasts on March 23rd.

On March 27th, TWO TV announced that the news channel will officially launch on March 30th. The channel officially launched at 5:50 am.

The first presenter to be seen on the channel was the TWO News at noon presenter Brian Lewis.


Mornings & Noon (5 am - 12 pm)

  • Brian Lewis
  • Philip Shaw
  • Charlotte Cooper

Afternoon (12 pm - 6pm)

  • Anthony Chapman (Previously on Engarian news channel)
  • Caitlin Matthews

Evenings (6 pm - 12 am)

  • Ashley Wright
  • Sasha Young
  • Peter Ross
  • Jake Clarke
  • Oliver Bennett
  • Ella Watson


Since the launch of the channel, TWO TV News Now was criticized by the media and the viewers, with viewers saying that the channel had too many technical faults on the channel, while media say that it was not a good way to celebrate the launch of a new Engarian news channel.

During the 5 pm bulletin, a major sound fault occurred where a static sound was played when one of the presenters of the channel (Anthony Chapman) tried to read the headlines. The sound fault lasted from 17:05 pm to 17:15 pm when the sound fault was fixed. Many viewers criticized the channel, claiming that the static sound that played during the sound fault was "too loud".

1 day later, on March 31st, TWO TV News Now apologized for the several technical faults that occurred on the launch of the channel.

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