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The current logo, used from 2008 to present

TaizoNet is a Circle website similar to YouTube where you can post videos, founded in December 20th, 2005.

Before the website was founded, it redirected to the official Taizo Company Inc. website, which was founded in 2001.


At the time Taizo was 15, he then founded a website called "TaizoWeb" which was meant to publish videos, similar to what he called YouTube.

In 2007, the website hitted 20 videos, and later in 2009, it then upgraded to 50.

In 2010, they celebrated it's 5 year anniversary. Again, in 2015, celebrated their 10th birthday.

In 2020, it's confirmed that their 15th birthday will occur.


Like YouTube, TaizoNet caused minor controversies.

Elsagate massacre

At the time Taizo was 27, a Elsagate massacre flooded the entire TaizoNet website. These videos were removed the next day, and they were replaced with a joke video called "Banana Floss" which has a BFDI-like banana dancing the floss dance with the text "TAIZOWEB IS DEAD!". This caused another controversy.

The "Banana Floss" video

Lots of users watching the Banana Floss video thinked it was a real event, in which "TaizoWeb is dead". The controversy calmed down in early 2018, when the video was deleted.

International versions

  • Japanese - launched in 2006
  • Circle - launched in 2006
  • Korean - launched in 2006
  • German - launched in 2006, defunct in 2017, revived in 2019
  • American English - launched in 2006
  • British English - launched in 2007
  • Italian - launched in 2007
  • Canadian French - launched in 2007, defunct in 2009, now merged with the French version
  • French - launched in 2007
  • Portuguese - launched in 2007
  • Spanish - launched alongside Portuguese version
  • Kuboian English - launched in 2007, merged with the British English version in 2008
  • Kiddish Russian - launched in 2010
  • Japanese Romanji - launched in 2015

Notable videos

Video title Uploader Uploaded Notes
The first video Pancakes20 December 20, 2005 (launch date) First ever video
Bloo Kazoo's Misadventure CNfan300 January 31, 2007 First plushie video
Fridays CNfan300 January 2, 2006 Most liked video
Destroying MLP AppleJack Pancakes20 May 8, 2011 Most disliked video
Spinel's Prank! CNfan300 September 29, 2019 Most viewed plushie video

Notable users

  • Pancakes20 (first user)
  • CNfan300 (first Circlian user)
  • TaizoNet
  • CTV Official
  • Top 100s
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