Tajvikginela Clboxnagne is the current successor to the throne in Clyohraira.


Her victory predicted to come in the 2019 Clyohrairan royal election

There are many people in Clyohraira severely concerned and outraged about her victory predicting to come in the 2019 Clyohrairan royal election due to her being a left-winger and she had influenced big cities such Saisan, Kalsmark, Wlaglwof, Aubygauba, and Jaumalwe.

Having foreign government to influence elections in Clyohraira, including other countries in the Kadersaryinan Islands

She was involved with foreign governments to influence Clyohrairan elections to go for left-wing leaders such as her support for three of the RMM's most influential left-wing activists in Clyohraira, which are Kylea Srama, Aramar Salakafi, and Justin Faldsin, this also includes other countries such as Kadersaryina, North Kadersaryina, Makoria, Saranam, Vairarca, Uhajut, Bliarshaert and etc. She had the Government of Iran, China, Syria. Eritrea, Sudan, North Korea, Cuba, Gaburayon, Zurujadec, Laos, and etc. to influence Clyohrairan elections, including the ones in other countries in the Kadersaryinan Islands, the country of Internet used to influence the elections of Clyohraira and Kadersaryina from 2012 until 2015, when it became a Democracy.

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