Tangle Jam (known in some countries as The Adventures of Sqweek) is a Kuboian Kantasy television series produced by K-Box Animation. It was created by Ashley Maverick and Lake Caters, and two series of the show were produced from 2004 to 2005, each with eighteen episodes, making thirty six episodes overall. The series premiered on Nick Jr. Kuboia, and remained on the channel until its closure in December 2010.


Tangle Jam is the name of an enchanted forest where a variety of animals live. It is very ambiguous to what species most of the show's characters belong to, though many appear to be hybrids of two or more animals, or one animal and an inanimate object. A large majority of the animals are anthropomorphic, and wear clothes, but some are more reminiscent of real life animals.

The central character of the series is Sqweek, a creature who bears a resemblance to both a mouse and monkey. Usually, Sqweek and his friends find themselves in a difficult situation and try to work out together how to solve it.

Cast and characters

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  • Ashley Maverick as Sqweek, a mouse/monkey-resembling creature.
  • TBA as Weelee, a windup mouse.
  • TBA as Keezee, a floating key ghost.
  • Charlie Karma as Octina, an anthropomorphic octopus-resembling creature.
  • TBA as Trap, a dog with a face resembling a rubbish bin.


Series Premiere Finale Ep.
1 20th August, 2004 17th December, 2004 18
2 31st October, 2005 29th November, 2005 18

International broadcast


United Kingdom

Series 1 premiered in the UK in November 2004, with episodes airing on CITV on Saturdays and Sundays. Series 2 premiered once CITV launched as a channel in March 2006.

  • CITV (2004-2009)

United States

  • KEWLopolis (2006-2009)
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