Tank Notes are the official currency of Tankormulte. Since 1918, only minted coins were used as currency. Banknotes were then introduced in 1921.

The name is a pun on the words "Bank Notes" and "Tank". The government considered a currency name from people. Most people thought Gold was a good one, but they never knew banknotes were coming in. Then the government though Taney, but that's when The Central Goldbox Banks considered "Tank Notes." This name came from officials since they though Taney sounded like a child's pronunciation of Tank.

It is said that you could be a millionaire in Tankormulte using a 10000 Tanknote, this isn't true however, as 10000 Tanknotes worth only 50000 USD, which isn't enough to being a millionaire (20% of being a millionaire).


Prior to 1918, Tankormulte used British currency. The 1st president of Tankormulte adopted a new currency in May of 1918. The government made a currency since they were tired of using British currency, and already gained their freedom from the UK. They introduced the coins in 1918, but were missing banknotes. In 1921, the newly elected government introduced the banknotes. They said that 50 coins equal 1 Tank Note. Coins were used most often until 1943, when more banknotes were introduced. A new banknote was considered, being 1 million dollars. It was never planned however.



Note Back Picture Picture Color First Print Year
T 1 Sopwith Camel Formation Mark 1 Mother 1921
T 2 Sopwith Triplane Mark 4 Male 1921
T 5 Paris 1915 FT 17 (Machine Gun Variant) 1928
T 10 First Tank to Tank combat Mark 4 Female 1930
T 20 WW1 Trench Rybinsk 1934
T 25 WW1 Trench Rybinsk 1937
T 50 Green Hills M4 Sherman 1943
T 75 Stalingrad 1931 KV 1 1943
T 100 Katyusha Rockets Firing BT 7 1940
T 200 Wheat Plantation M4 Firefly 1944
T 500 Rice Plantation M4A3E8 1944
T 1000 Bismarck Battleship Maus 1947
T 5000 KV 6 in Action KV 44 2007
T 10000 T 35 in Action Tsar Tank 2008


Coin Color Emblem
1 1
10 RanZar T1 Cunnigham
25 RanZar Ms 1
50 RanZar AMX 12
75 RanZar Cool Kit


1 Goldbox Coin worth 5 USD pennies. 20 Goldbox coins worth 1 US dollar.


Coins USD Worth
1 5 pennies
5 25 pennies
10 50 pennies
25 $1.25
50 $2.50
75 $3.75
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