Tapoland (Polipino: Republik ng Tapoland) is a Country Located in Sabah, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Sulu. The Capital City is Ulytośćitą and Border by Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.



Island of Polippisia (1883-1921)

Polish Colonization (1921-1932)

Filipino Colonization (1932-1944)

Independence From Philippines (1944-1950)

Communism People's of Polippisia (1950-1999)

Modern Day (1999-Present)


The 6 States and Territories Are:



Technology, People and Trends

  • The Voting Age is 18.
  • The Minimum Drinking Age is 20.
  • The Minimum Smoking age is 18.
  • Polippisian Has Own Currency, Zwoty, Derived from Polish Złoty.
  • Polippisian Drives to the Left. (Road Sides of the Traffic are Right.)
  • Polippisian Plugs and Sockets Are C & F.
  • Polippisian Owned Companies are Poliland, Polipago Retail, PoliFast, etc.
  • Polippisian Mobile Carriers Are Republik ng TM, Globe Telecom, TelekomPoli Mobile.
  • Polippisian Television Providers are Cignal, SkyCable, Destiny Cable and TelekomPoli TV.
  • Polippisian Uses NTSC For Watching Movies, Video Games and Television.
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