Tasanala is a country in North America near Greenland, Frowntown (part of Unikingdom) and Canada.


Television channels in Tasanala are CBN, TTN, Tupi, TRT and KTN.


2020-present; downfall of Tasanala

due to artifical inteligence says COVID-19 might infect 100% of Tasanalan population (with 48% deaths related to COVID-19) by mid-July, Tasanala is on brink of dangers of COVID-19

on July 23, 2020, All Tasanalan FTA, Satellite, Cable and Foregin TV channels and radio stations were forced off air permanently at same time on 5pm after the message from Prime Minister (which interrupts all Tasanala channels and radio stations at same time), which ends with "We are all going to Die, Gather your friends, family and anyone as Tasanala are closest to danger zone, we ar-".

on July 29, 2020, Tasanala's COVID-19 cases reaches 100%.

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