TCTV (Taugaran Commercial Television) is a Filipino-language television channel in the El Kadsreian territory of Taugaran. It broadcast shows, programs, and movies from GMA and others as part of GMA Network affliation since 1989. It is one of the Filipino-lanugage Taugaranese TV channels along with FTV and Light Television to cater Filipino-Taugaranese audiences.


The channel was launched on July 8, 1983 with English and Filipino languages owned and operated by Richard G. Panganiban. It originally aired El Kadsreian and Filipino TV shows and movies from GMA-7 and RPN-9.

On November 4, 1989, the channel was sold to the Philippine media network GMA Radio-Television Arts (now GMA Network). It now airs TV shows, movies, and drama from GMA-7 with English and Japanese subtitles.

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