Tausugia (pronounced taw-su-jya) [IPA:tɔsud͡ʒja] (Tausug: سُوجيا), unofficially known as The Republic of Tausugia, or also known as Sugia, is a country in Asia located east to Philippine islands and southwest to Malaysia. It is the most-Tausug spoken country.


Prehistory (250 BC-87 AD)

In 250 BC, the island was discovered by indigenous people from the Philippines.

Tausug Empire (87 AD-1237 AD)

In 87 AD, Pelang Asarum established an empire in the island, called the Tausug Empire. It conquered Mindanao from the Philippines and Celebes from Indonesia, also captured Ringia. It was one of the strongest empires of all history.

Buddhism was spread through the empire in 816 AD.

Kabi Sultanate (1237-1633)

In 1237 AD, Tarek Kabi introduced Islam in the Empire and was replaced by a Sultanate. It conquered the Malay Archiphelago and some parts of Australia. Kabi Sultanate was rivals with the Ottomans, the fought thousands of wars with them.

Spanish Conquest (1633-1939)

In 1633, Spain occupied the Tausug Island and the Philippines and let the rest of the sultanate free. It made peace with the Tausugs and the indigenous people in the island. In 1882, the island was bombed by the US. In 1899, Ringia was let free.

Japanese Invasion (1939-1944)

When the Second World War started, Tausugia was annexed to the Japanese Empire. The Japanese executed many Tausugs and many riots happened in the island. In 1943, the indigenous people were starving to death, and can't get food.

Freedom (1944-1987)

In 1944, the Tausugs had had enough and wanted independence. They fought with Japan for independence. They fought for 5 days and the Tausugs won, and Jemal Fernandos coined the name, Tausugia, in 1946. The Tausugs and the indigenous, which are finally named the "Amfangos", lived peacefully, but then Tausugia was forced to join the Philippines during the Martial Law in 1972.

Modern Tausugia (1987-present)

In 1987, the Philippines freed Tausugia. Mohammed Oyasa was elected president after freedom and he made the country stronger and powerful, he also planned for building the Tagyo Tower, and construction was started in 1992. The economy boomed after the building was finished construction in 1997, then opened in 1998. Tausugia is one of the cleanest, richest, and strongest countries in Southeast Asia.

in 2020, Hijab, SMG4 and Mexican Telenovelas became a cult in Tausugia, causing some people (mostly women who dont usually wear Hijab all the time, anyone who hate weirdness from SMG4 and anyone who hates Mexico) in Tausugia to immigrate to other countries.

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