"They call themselves Team Ankoku, they are hackers on steroids, treating the realm like a real-life video game - sacking cities, invading villages, and disrupting innocent peoples' lives. If you fight back, watch out."
- News reporter, describing them

'Team Ankoku' (Japanese: 暗黒団, Hepburn: 'Ankoku-dan') was a hacktivist and terrorist group that was considered to be one of the most dangerous groups of all time. Starting in 1972, they have been considered to be feared by Japanese people and was a major series of guerrillas for over 25 years.



Team Ankoku was founded in 1972 by Dr. Manhole after being fired by Dr. Zett for his nerdy behavior at the Drill Institute. Irritated, he decided to get revenge on it, and thus creating Team Ankoku.

Murder of Kanata Izumi

Main Article: The Invasion of '83

In 1983, Dr. Manhole was shocked after finding out that a couple from the Izumi Clan, being Soujirou and Kanata Izumi had a daughter named Konata Izumi. From their experience, he realized that Konata would murder him. Furious, he and his hackers set out on a rampage to murder the Izumi couple and their daughter on Halloween night. Manhole successfully murdered Kanata but failed to murder Soujirou and Konata, as Taizo Hori managed to stop him.

Wataru and Susumu's Battle and First Defeat

When Wataru and Susumu were at the edge of Team Ankoku, their biggest battle with Dr. Manhole had begun. Susumu's most powerful spell card successfully defeated Team Ankoku for the first time.

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