Team Aqua is a El Kadsreian tokusatsu series created by Pasi Peure.




  • Halcyone Ferrara as Aquila Hadaway/Aqua, Aquila becomes a white cat
  • Ferne Merritt as Koko Smith/Kaz, Koko becomes a "old and new" cat similar to Nhozemphtekh from Felidae
  • Linda Grundy as Bassette Wilson/Breow, Bassette becomes a Siamese cat
  • Fluffarella Jones as Jessie, the lab cat/Jara, Jessie becomes a "hyper Siamese cat"
  • Jordon Hayes as Kameron Migues/Kata, Kameron becomes a grey and white cat with black stripes
  • Mark Fitzroy as Bono Jackson/Beep, Bono becomes a black cat



The series was well-received by Technic Heroes fans at launch. It is popular with the furry fandom. Peter Graves of the El Kadsreian Chronicle wrote "Although it has noting to do with Technic Heroes since the heroes are cats instead of armoured superheroes, the show has somehow became very popular thanks to furries."

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