TechEruo (originally Technical Eruowoodian Computers) is an Eruowoodian consumer electronics, toy, video game and digital entertainment company.

TechEruo is the parent company of Eruowoodian Satellink satellite television provider.

TechEruo distributed the Living Books series in the Eruowood and currently markets Wanderful Interactive Storybooks in the region.

The company is also the official distributor for BritBox in Eruowood, and operates the Eruowoodian server of Elsword.

TechEruo is very well know for making all sort of niche gadgets, toys, and video game peripherals since the 1980s.


TechEruo was founded in 1963 as Technical Eruowoodian Computers. In 1973, TechEruo introduced the first home PC and thier first home video game console, TV Board and Sports Game in Eruowood. In 1975, Technical Eruowoodian Computers officially changed its name to TechEruo.


  • TechEruo of Eruowood (Located in ???, Phone Number: ERUO-555-2300)
  • TechEruo of America (Located in New Orleans, Phone Number: 504-555-3200)
    • TechEruo of NOLA (alternative name used for US developed products)
    • TechEruo NOLA (alternative names used for localized games)
    • TechEruo NOLA32 (alternative name from 1993-2000 for games developed in the NOLA32 office)
    • TechEruo NOLAO2 (alternative name from 2000-present for games developed in the NOLA Office 2)
  • TechEruo of Europe (Located in London, Phone Number: ???)
  • TechEruo of Canada (Located in Toronto, Phone Number: 647-555-2332)
  • TechEruo of Japan (Located in Tokyo, Phone Number: ???)

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