TechEruo Kids is an Eruowoodian cable satellite kids channel that was launched in 1990 by a joint partnership between TechEruo and Comcast.

Programming Blocks


  • TechEruo Pre-K
  • Toon TechEruo
  • TechEruo Radical Programz
  • TechEruo Saturday Mornings
  • TechEruo's Adult Swim (formerly TechEruo After Hours)


  • TechEruo Video Game Hour (features an episode of one of the 3 Mario cartoons and then an episode of one of the 3 DiC Sonic cartoons)




  • They are one of the few channels to broadcast B&W Looney Tunes and non-Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse shorts, due to the fact they are allowed to air all of the Looney Tunes (except the censored 11, Bugs Bunny Nips The Nips and Tokio Jokio [although those two were allowed to air during the first 5 years of the channel, with the former being actually aired 3 times, albeit in graveyard slots and heavily censored]) and all the Mickey Mouse shorts (except Mickey's Mellerdrammer, Mickey's Man Friday and Mickey's Surprise Party) the former two for outdated content and the latter for copyright from Nabisco, even though during the "Every Mickey Ever" marathon, they aired the 1998 version which removes all of Nabisco's references.
  • They are one of the few channels to air Just One Bite uncut.
  • Since the launch of the Disney+ streaming service TechEruo Kids has scaled back on its Disney content.
  • The channel's animated bumpers are all animated by either TMS Entertainment, AKOM or TechEruo Studios Japan.
  • The channel was known for airing colorized versions of the old B&W Mickey Mouse and Looney Tunes shorts in addition to the original versions, but since 2002, both companies refused to distribute the colorized versions. albeit some of the Mickey Mouse cartoons that are in B&W still have the color reissue titles & endings.
  • The channel has been known to air some obscure kids programming.
  • TechEruo Kids is available in the US on Xfinity cable.
  • This channel is mostly commercial-free, when there are no bumpers or episodes of "TechEruo Short Breaks" (short films between shows, like public domain Looney Tunes shorts, Terrytoons shorts and/or independent short films [in fact, Naive Man from Lollyland, one of the early Regular Show pilots, aired via the Short Breaks]) a 7 to 10-minute countdown plays.
  • If this channel is played via the TechEruo NTSC Converter today, the pitch would actually not be NTSC (0.0 pitch, as intended), or even PAL (normal channel pitch, 0.1 pitch), but rather -0.1 pitch.
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