TechEruo System (TES) is a video format that runs from 1990-present, making it the longest running video format. Unlike most video formats TechEruo System is a hybrid format of a videocassette and a video game cartridge. It was released in November 1, 1990 in Eruowood and November 11, 1990 in the US, in PAL regions, it was released Boxing Day 1990 and in Japan, it was released Lunar New Years 1991.


In 1989, TechEruo's Maintenance Manual VHS tape got ripped in half, so they wanted a more durable, high-quality alternative, they turned to Nintendo, who declined, then to SEGA, who agreed to produce chips for the system, the audio is done via a CD chip inside the TES cart.

In 1991, the TES 2 format was introduced.

In 1992, the TES Portable was introduced.

In 2006, VHSs were discontinued, so all TES systems replaced their analog renderer with a digital renderer.

Version differences

TechEruo System vs TechEruo System 2

  • The capacity was increased
  • Safety plastic put on top of the tape reel to make it more durable, original TES tapes grayed out within the span of 25 years and TechEruo has to offer safety plastic for original TES owners in 2014/2015.

TechEruo System vs. TechEruo System Portable

  • The TES Portable's EruoTapes are the same size as a Betamax videocassette.
  • TES Portable's tapes are lower quality due to limitations at the time.

TechEruo System 2 vs TechEruo System 3

  • The fast forwarding mechanism was changed to a variant of the TechEruo Portable's fast forwarding mechanic due to the older one scratching up the tape.

TechEruo System 3 vs. TechEruo System 4

  • Enhanced for widescreen formatting on select EruoTapes

TechEruo System 4 vs. TechEruo System 5

  • Capable of playing 128-bit games
  • DVD quality video masters
  • THX certification on Select EruoTapes
  • First TES format to use digital renderings

TechEruo System 5 vs. TechEruo System 6

  • Uses all digital renderings
  • Has HD renderings on select EruoTapes

TechEruo Systen 6 vs. TechEruo System 7

  • Has 4K rendering on select EruoTapes

Format List

  • TES 1 (1990-1995) [exited mainstream support in 1994, temporarily entered back in support between 2014-2015 to apply plastic safety tape above the old tape for durability]
  • TES 2 (1991-2000) [exited mainstream support in 1996]
  • TES Portable (1992-1997) [exited mainstream support in 1995]
    • TES Portable 2 (1995-2003) [exited mainstream support in 2001]
    • TES Portable 3 (1997-2006) [exited mainstream support in 2003]
    • TES Portable 4 (2000-2009) [exited mainstream support in 2006]
  • TES 3 (1993-2002) [exited mainstream support in 2000]
  • TES 4 (1995-2010) [exited mainstream support in 2004]
  • TES 5 (2000-2013) [exited mainstream support in 2008]
  • TES 6 (2003-2019) [exited mainstream support in 2010]
  • TES 7 (2007-present) [will exit mainstream support in 2020]
  • TES 8 (2010-present)
  • TES 9 (2014-present)
  • TES 10 (2020-present)


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