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The Television Twins (also known as "The Televisions") are twins who appeared in Greeny Michael. The first one is Television 1 (Paramount) and the second one is Television 2 (20th Century Fox). The twins first appeared in "The Television Escapes the Blue Mountain/Fugitive Television", a series that is made by Davemadson.


Greeny Phatom The Movie 4

Since they were in the 4th GP movie (without the toy), they join the battle with Little Guy against King Pig and his minions.

Little Guy and The Mystery to New York

They appear when they escape the Superjail of Gree Guy's Death Star, and they fight Kenneth meanwhile Boba Fett attempts to betray Gree Guy.

Greeny Phatom Universe

They appear as an unlockable character.

Greeny Phatom Kart

They appear as an unlockable character. To unlock them, you must win 10 races.

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