Alexonian TV started operations in 1957.


In 1951 some former Alexonian Broadcasting Company (now ABR) brought the television to Alexonia, with imported cameras from Japan and the United Kingdom, making tests. The television first set-up as PAL system, just like Australia and UK one. The first television station was launched in May 1951 as Royal Broadcasting Television in Alexiona City. In 1957, Royal Broadcasting TV was renamed ATS (now ATS One), during the first 3 years they began at 5 PM and ended at 9 PM.

Color broadcasts started in 1968, and also ATS Second Program (now ATS TWO) was launched as the third channel, the rest of channels started color broadcasting in 1970.

Alexonia Hoso Terebi was launched in 1969, as the first Japanese-speaking channel in Alexonia.

In the 70s TV3 broke the ATS/AHT monopoly, being the first commercial channel, and also Capital TV started transmissions in 1981 as Alfa TV.

Digital Television was launched in 1998 with ADB-T instead of DVB-T or ATSC and launching 5 digital-only channels. They opted for 16:9 aspect ratio, while the video quality was still 480p. In 2001 was launched officially with more channels

In 2010, all the Alexonian channels changed their aspect ratio to 16:9.

The digital changeover in Alexonia is now complete. It began on 30th September 2010, when Kyotsuba switched off analogue television transmission. The rest of the Lyoneaux switched off analogue television transmission on 28th April 2011, followed by the Alexia and Daitshima on 29th September 2011. Nikkatsu was the last province to cease analogue transmissions on 1st December 2011.

In 2016 Alexia MX 4K was launched as the first 4K channel in Alexonia.

List of channels


Name Owner Broadcasts in
ATS Two ATS 720p HD
TVTHREE Mediaworks Alexonia 720p HD
CAPTIAL TV Capital TV Foundation 720p HD
PRIME Prime Network Group 720p HD
TV SIX Mediaworks Alexonia 720p HD
Alexia MX1 AMX Media 720p HD
Alexonia One El TV Kadsre/ATS 576i HD
TEN AMX Media 720p HD
Alexia MX2 AMX Media 720p HD
Chaneru Sun C3 Kabushiki Gaisha 576i HD
Chaneru Shi C3 Kabushiki Gaisha 576i HD
Prime GO! Prime Mediaworks 720p HD
FIFTEEN Ten Media Ventures 576i HD
ATS Kids ATS/AHT 576i HD
PRIME PLUS Prime Mediaworks 576i HD
CAPITAL LIFE Capital Group 576i HD
TWELVE Mediaworks Alexonia 576i HD
ATS N24 ATS/AHT 1080i HD
Indy TV Indy Radio Netowrk 720p HD
FOX Fox International Channels 576i HD
DMAX Discovery Alexonia Ltd 720p HD
NRG25 Virgin Media Alexonia 720p HD


Turner Broadcasting System Alexonia

Channel Launched Genere Note
Cartoon Network 1994 Kids
CNN Alexonia 1990 News
TCM 1994 Entertainment Formerly TNT Classic Movies


Toonami 2003 Entertainment Formerly Animore


TNT 2013 Entertainment
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