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All television franchises, over-the-air or cable, are regulated by the Merriamia Television Authority (MTA).

Television in Merriamia started on 1949, the very first television station being M3XPT (now MMRT-TV), a station of MerriamianTV which also the first network in Merriamia.

Over-the-air networks

Merriamian Television Corporation


Lagman Broadcast Holdings

Philippine-Merriamia Television Partners (see below)

Philippine networks in Merriamia

Merriama's relations with Philippines has expanded to television in 1954. MTA decided to form a distribution consortium called Philippine-Merriamia Television Partners (PMTP). They then negotiated with the Philippines' NTC to make links between ABS-CBN that time and the MTC's satellite centers. The satellites are from RCA. Later on, GMA and The 5 Network are also joined.

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