Television in Taugaran was first launched in 1957.


On November 1, 1957, Television in Taugaran was launched. When the Philippines sold to Taugaran to the Vlokozu Union and it became an Vlokozuian (now El Kadsreian) territory, it became a public TV channel in the territory, changing callsign from DZTU-TV to TWBS-TV in June 1970. It lost the monopoly when Mount Dalamunia Television was launched in 1973, then Hoganon Broadcasting Corporation in 1979.

Taugaran was survived the Martial Law in the Philippines.

TBS, TCTV, HBC, and TPB broadcasts 1986 People Power Revolution in the Philippines and Ferdiand Marcos was overthrown.

TBS, TCTV, El TV Kadsre Taugaran, HBC, and TPB was live airing during the dissolution of Vlokozu Union.

Digital television was introduced in Taugaran in early-2002, Digital switchover was completed in late-2007 to this territory.

In May 2020, due to NTC releases cease-and-desist order against ABS-CBN, FTV is now affiliated by CPN Media Group.




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