Example usage:
{{Infobox video game
|title1=The title of the game.
|image1=The boxart, logo, or promotional poster of the game.
|caption1=Caption of the image.
|developer(s)=Studios or group of people who developed the game.
|publisher(s)=Studios who published the game.
|producer(s)=People who worked on the programming.
|designer(s)=The people who worked on the game's design.
|director(s)=The person who directed the game.
|composer(s)=The person(s) who composed the game's musical score.
|series=The series the game is associated with
|engine=The engine the game uses (e. g., Unreal Engine 4 or Unity).
|platform(s)=The console(s) the game is for.
|release_date(s)=The date(s) the game was released on.
|genre=The genre(s) the game is associated with.
|rating(s)=The age rating(s) for the game.
|website=The website of the game.
|cabinet_type=Arcade only; the shape of the cabinet (e. g., upright or cocktail)
|arcade_board=The board the game uses (e. g., Namco System 357 or Taito Type X)
|cpu=The CPU the game uses.
|sound=The sound system or sound card(s) the game uses (e. g., DCS sound system or YM2608)
|cost=How much the cabinet costs.
|operating_system=The operating system(s) required to run the game.
|processor=The processor required to run the game.
|ram=The amount of RAM required to run the game.
|hard_drive_space=The amount of space (in kilobytes or megabites) required to store the game's data.
|sound_card=The sound card required to run the game.
|video_card=The video card required to run the game.


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