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This template is meant to be used at the top of the films/episodes' article and its subpages in order to make navigation easier. Fixed by Nintendon't.

|tab =

The |tab = defines which tab is the "active" one in the page where it's being used.

  • Use 1 for the first tab, main article about the film/episode.
  • Use 2 for the second tab, trivia.
  • Use 3 for the third tab, gallery.
  • Use 4 for the fourth tab, soundtrack.
  • Use 5 for the fifth tab, quotes.
  • Use 6 for the sixth tab, transcript.
  • Use 7 for the seventh tab, trailer transcripts.
  • Use 8 for the eighth tab, credits.
  • Use 9 for the ninth tab, home media.