Tenma Games is an Alexonian game developer based in Alexonia City.


Tenma Games was formed in 1982 by some former-Shinkyon workers.

In 2002 Drillimation attempted to acquire the company, but ended up with a 25% stake, the stake was sold back to Tenma Animation in 2010. During Drillimation's ownership, all games that were produced by the company were published by Bandai Namco Entertainment under their Drillimation branding.

In 2011 Mark Kobayashi assumed the charge of chairman of the company.

Since 2012, Tenma Games published its games under their brand.


Initially, they started creating games with Famicom Basic but later decided to use Commodore Amiga computers for the Tenma Engine 1,0 they also used Sharp X68000 machines for the Tenma Engine 2 games, since Tenma Engine 3 they decided to use Lunalia-based computers.

Tenma used their own clone of Driller Engine called Tenma Engine since Tenma Engine 3 is made from scratch.

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