Terbit is an El Kadsreian multinational technology and consumer electronics company founded on February 1, 1984. Headquarters at Glonisla, El Kadsre. It is currently known for popular Terbit S smartphone series, Terbit P tablet series, and Terbit D desktop computer series, Terbit T laptop computer series, Terbit C entry-level smartphone, handheld PC and notebook series, Terbit W workstation server computer series, PlayBox series, eOffice, etc. Most of current Terbit devices use Windows, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Xenika, Vortex, and ViraOS.  It is one of the most popular computer comapnies with many devices sold over 500 million.


Terbit was founded in 1984 by Will Seikana, an El Kadsreian businessman who is interested in computers. In 1985, Terbit released their first computer call the T1, the first laptop of the Terbit T series.



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