Terrayournotdraininthalaifphromthisplanetaiwountletphathapenagen or simply Terra and also known as Tantern Cross, is a suburb in Capulco, El Kadsre, 53 km east from the city center. Established in 2005 and has a population of 4,332, the town is infamous for its unusually long name and was named after the quote from the television series Neo-Shifters. It is the longest town name in the Americas and the second longest in the world.


Broken down by syllable, the full place name is pronounced: Ter-ra-your-not-drai-nin-tha-laif-phrom-this-pla-net-ai-woun-t-let-phat-ha-pen-a-gen.

Meaning of the name

The name "Terrayournotdraininthalaifphromthisplanetaiwountletphathapenagen" originated from "Terra! You're not draining the life from this planet. I won't let that happen again." one of Magna::Rex' quotes from the first episode of the show Neo-Shifters. Andrew Kayos, who portrayed Atlas::Raan in the series, came up with the name of the town initially as the joke.

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