Armageddon Ocean, or The Armageddon in the soundtrack, is the twenty-fourth song in Ryau the Jellyfish 5.

It was one of the most popular and famous songs in the Raison Devarim era.

The extra final boss (the third only unlocked from Extreme Ryau, earning the best ending) is said to be the hardest final boss in video game history.



"I'm good at final boss songs, and this is no exemption. This has to be the most brutal songs yet. Good for the very hard bosses here."

third version (rtj5 oh no.dml)

"Yes, there's a difference. It's faster and has F# minor in the non-melodies. Screw that 3rd boss. I'll never beat it, so the creator (me) might've been messing around and NOT testing..."

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