The Bless Country is the national anthem of Diursia, composed by Saleem Victoria and Rufus Brantley. It was adopted on 1 January 1956, the day Diursia was created.


Bless Diursia, Bless Diursia

Bless us, the children of Diursia

God bless Diursia

Grant eternal freedom and unity

To its women, men and children

God bless Diursia and its people

With Thee is each day as a thousand years,

Each thousand of years, but a day,

Eternity's flow'r, with its homage of tears,

That reverently passes away.

Diursia, from henceforth your sons are united

With one brotherly spirit sharing the hope of seeing you

Enjoy abundance and happiness forever.

With blood to spill for you, O fatherland!

We do not want, We do not want

An eternal humiliation.

Chosen Land,

Cradle Thou [art] of the valourous.

I shall always recognize you

By the dreadful sword you hold.

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