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The Busy World of Richard Scarry Live! is a live stage show based on The Busy World of Richard Scarry, produced by Renald-Zanni Entertainment in 1995. Richard Scarry's characters appeared live on stage as full-body puppets, performed to a soundtrack recorded by the Toronto/Montreal-based cast of the cartoon series.

The show was written by Thomas LaPierre, Cassandra Schafhausen, Rick Jones, and Andrew Sabiston. The costumes were designed & built by Shafton Inc. of Hollywood, California. Lowly Worm and the various mice and bug characters were depicted as puppets built by Axl Hammarberg and Five-Star Puppet Studio.


The pre-recorded voices were performed by Sonja Ball (Huckle Cat), Keith Knight (Lowly Worm), Tara Meyer (Sally Cat), Tara Charendoff (Lynnie Raccoon), Cathy Gallant (Hilda Hippo), Stuart Stone (Pig Will & Pig Won't), Peter Wildman (Mr. Fixit), Hanako Matsuoka (Miss Honey), Len Carlson (Mr. Frumble), and David Berni (Bananas Gorilla)

Main Actors

  • Megan Cheryl Souter as Huckle Cat
  • Norman Launchbury and Axl Hammarberg as Lowly Worm
  • Tammy Cuadra as Sally Cat
  • April Deloria as Lynnie Raccoon
  • Thomas Chatfield-Taylor as Hilda Hippo
  • Nancy Hajikano as Pig Will
  • Cassidy Gough as Pig Won't
  • Louis Casseus-Bazin as Mr. Fixit
  • Tessie Ambrosetti as Miss Honey
  • Eduardo Fynn as Mr. Frumble
  • Adam R. Gorelik as Bananas Gorilla


  • Produced By: Louis Renald and Corbin Zanni
  • Written By: Thomas LaPierre, Cassandra Schafhausen, Rick Jones, and Andrew Sabiston
  • Director: Russi Roskovanyi
  • Choreographer & Dance Captain: J.S. Rodrigues
  • Art Director: Vicky Cepeda
  • Assistant Art Director: Meghan Engleman
  • Dialogue Director: Debra Toffan
  • Music & Voice Recording By: CINAR Studios and McClear Pathé