The Countryhumans is an El Kadsreian animated satirical television series created by Pasi Peure for El TV Kadsre 3. The series centers on country-themed humanoids called Countryhumans.

The show premiered on June 1, 2017,


On an alternate Earth lives a species of various humanoid creatures called Countryhumans.

Production and development

Pasi Peure got the idea for the series in 2016 when he looked up Countryhumans online and found that they were partially similar to Polandball. During a live El TV Kadsre 4 interview, Peure stated that the show had nothing to do with Hetalia, and that he is not interested in it.

The show is produced in El Kadsre and animated in El Kadsre and Japan.


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A group of Countryhumans.

The Countryhumans contains several character changes from the original fandom. For example, instead of being suicidal, Russia enjoys his life. Also, America is not uneducated or racist, and Germany is not a Nazi. However, the show does feature the Third Reich as a separate character.


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Japan controversy

Japan has become one of the series' most controversial characters because she is often considered a stereotype of Japan and Japanese culture. Creator Pasi Peure stated during an El TV Kadsre 24 interview, "I created Japan because she is supposed to represent anime more than the actual country." However, this only generated more controversy.


The series was banned in the Arab countries of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, as America is featured as gay, which is discussed several times. Homosexual acts are criminalized in these four aforementioned countries, which are predominantly Muslim.

The series is also banned in Xintao as the series is considered gay propaganda.

International broadcast

Country Network(s)/Channel(s) Premiere date
Mowatan BoomTV May 26, 2018
Philippines PhiNet March 14, 2020
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