Watership Down DVD Criterion El Kadsreian

Special features

  • Featurette:
    • Interview with Martin Rosen
    • Interview with Guillermo del Toro about the film's importance in animation history
    • Picture-in-picture storyboards
    • Defining a Style
    • European CIC Trailer
    • El Kadsreian El TV Kadsre Films Trailer


  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, Japanese
  • Aspect ratio: 2.40:1
  • Picture format: Anamorphic
  • TV system: PAL
  • Soundtracks: English Uncompressed Stereo Remaster, English Audio Descriptive 2.0 surround, English Acura Surround, Spanish Acura Surround, Japanese Acura Surround
  • Case type: Keep case
  • DVD release: November 1, 2018

DVD opening

  1. "Thank You!" (DVD version)
  2. DVD Menu
  3. Criterion Collection Logo
  4. El TV Kadsre Films Logo
  5. Start of Film

DVD closing

  1. End of Film
  2. Warning Screen (English/Japanese/Spanish)
  3. El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment logo
  4. Latikuu Edacra Quality Video logo
  5. Return to DVD Menu


  • The Spanish dub used for this DVD is the 1970s Latin Spanish dub made in Los Angeles (info here)\
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