The Devons Movie is a 1991 American-El Kadsreian comedy film based on Walter Gyver's hit sitcom, The Devons. The film was directed by Walter Gyver, with a screenplay by Walter Gyver and Rick Copp, who would later write the screenplay for The Brady Bunch Movie. The movie features the original cast reprising their roles as the Devons family.

The Devons Movie was released on August 9, 1991 in both the United States and El Kadsre. The movie was distributed by Paramount Pictures and produced by Viva Films of El Kadsre worldwide. The film received positive reviews from critics, who praised the self-awareness jokes and acting and story.


After Tia Devon (Linda Grundy), wins $75,000 on Wheel of Fortune around the same time as her transfer student friend's wedding, she buys a Chevrolet Motorhome Class A and takes the whole family, consisting of Bernie Devon (Walter Gyver) and their son and daughter, Zachary and Clementine (Kevin and Joyce Silva) on a road trip from their fictional town of St. Jacks, CA to Charlotte, NC in time for Tia's cousin's wedding. However, a literal wrong turn leaves them stranded in New Orleans, LA, and they must find a way to get out before they're late for the wedding.


The Devons wake up one morning to find a note on their fridge from their mom saying that she is going to be on Wheel of Fortune at 3:45 PM. Hearing this, 14-year old Zachary prepares breakfast for Clementine and their father, Bernie Devon. Later at 3:45, the family prepares to watch their mother on Wheel of Fortune. After getting an answer right, which coincidentally is, "The Devons", she manages to win $75,000 dollars. When she arrives home, the family surprises her with a small party featuring Bernie and Tia's parents, who were visiting St. Jacks, congratulate her and announce that her Indian transfer student friend from school, Harjeet (Aditya Patel), is getting married in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tia then uses the money to buy a Chevrolet Motorhome Class A and for the road trip. However, Walter accidentally takes a wrong turn, and they both end up in New Orleans, Louisiana, with all their money stolen by an unknown person.

Due to their money being stolen, Tia and the kids blame Walter for their stolen money and wrong turn. As a result, Tia and the Devons family now must do jobs in order to earn money. Tia gets a job as a busgirl at a local restaurant, Walter enters a talent show to earn a prize of $10,000 dollars, which fails due to Walter's stage fright, Clementine becomes a cookie seller for the Girl Scouts, and Zachary auditions for a one-time replacement for Kouki Ueda, bassist of Rinava, who accidentally broke his two hands and need to recover for a concert at a local bar and grill, which goes well, but is paid only $375, much to his dismay due to the family's problems right now.

Tia, finally having enough, calls Harjeet and tells him that she and the family won't make it to the wedding due to their money being stolen and apologizes. Harjeet, however, decides to delay the wedding to make Tia feel better. The next day, however, they discover the man who stole their money, which is an infamous New Orleans thief named Otorih Lee, or by his nickname, "Big Thief of The Big Easy" (Hiroto Sasaki), however, Otorih finds out about this and threatens to murder the Devons for attempted turn-in. Realizing this, the Devons come up with a trap to capture Otorih, which succeeds. After Otorih is sent to jail, the Devons are praised as "one-time heroes" to the residents of New Orleans, and are rewarded with the money Otorih stole.

Continuing their trip, they make it just in time for the wedding, only for one of the elephants to escape and destroy the place after Harjeet and his wife kiss. The Devons use a tranquilizer dart they got in New Orleans and shoot it down, afterwards, they go home. Tia then promises that they'll be flying if their next vacation is far from St. Jacks again. They are then seen relaxing on a beach in Los Angeles, a city near their home town.


A sequel to the film, Uh-Oh! Another Devons Movie came out on July 23. 1993.


An official soundtrack for the film was released on March 23, 1992, exactly sometime after the film left theaters by Atlantic Records in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, while it was released by El Kadsre Melody in El Kadsre.

Track listing

  1. The Perfect Imperfect Family (The Devons theme) (0:53 - Edited version, track 1; 2:03 - Extended cut, track 8)
  2. Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love (3:31)
  3. Joeski Love - Pee-Wee's Dance (4:37)
  4. Rinava - Pump It Up (Elvis Costello cover; 3:17)
  5. Chris de Burgh - The Lady in Red (4:16)
  6. Aditya Patel - Indian Wedding/Escaped Elephant (3:18)
  7. Boney M. - Gotta Go Home (4:38)


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