'The Drillers of the Kaleidoscope' (Japanese: 万華鏡のドリラー; Hepburn: 'Mangekyō no Dorirā') is a fictional band featured in The Drillimation Series, which is used to record all songs associated with the games and anime. In the fictional world, the band said to have existed for eight years before their college graduations and break up in 2012. All four members remained in Kozankyo and even both duos got married. Susumu Takajima married Kagami Ochiai in 2013 and Ryuta Shigematsu married Kumiko Uchida in early 2014.


The purpose of each of the band's songs tells the adventures and love stories of two eponymous fictional characters named "The Real Driller" (played by Susumu Takajima) and "Princess Kagami" (played by Kagami Ochiai). The story begins with Kagami who is just an ordinary girl learns that her mother, Kisumi, becomes the reincarnation of their country's lost monarchy. Upon Kisumi's ascension, Kagami becomes her princess alongside her younger sister Yumi.

Behind the scenes

  • Initially, the idea for the fictional Kagami Ochiai being a princess was her dream of being a magical girl as a youngster. Ochiai was influenced by Sailor Moon, Creamy Mami, and other magical girl anime, which formed the basis the character.
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