The original draft of the Fall 1975 schedule was written by El Kadsreian-American writer Ben Vukala on January 29, 1975.

The shows that we're planning on to axe was Movin' On, Harry O, Medical Center, Happy Days, That's My Mama, and Marcus Welby, M.D. and renewed Gunsmoke for the next four years as well as renewing Adam-12 and planning on to move out of the family viewing slot in its draft.

The original draft was that Switch! was proposing to replace Medical Center and the Monday Night time on CBS at 8pm-10pm to remain untouched in the original draft.

Schedule Draft

ABC 7:00pm: The Swiss Family Robinson
ABC 8:00pm: The Six Million Dollar Man
ABC 9:00pm: The ABC Sunday Night Movie
CBS 7:00pm: Three for the Road
CBS 8:00pm: Cher
CBS 9:00pm: Kojak
CBS 10:00pm: Buckley
NBC 7:00pm: The Wonderful World of Disney
NBC 8:00pm: River Man
NBC 9:00pm: NBC Sunday Mystery Movie (McMillan & Wife/Columbo/McCloud/McCoy)

ABC 8:00pm: Friendly Persuasion
ABC 9:00pm: Monday Night Football
CBS 8:00pm: Gunsmoke
CBS 9:00pm: Maude
CBS 9:30pm: Rhoda
CBS 10:00pm: Switch!
NBC 8:00pm: Nevada Smith
NBC 9:00pm: NBC Monday Night at the Movies

ABC 8:00pm: Welcome Back, Kotter
ABC 8:30pm: The Barbary Coast
ABC 9:30pm: ABC Tuesday Movie of the Week
CBS 8:00pm: Good Times
CBS 8:30pm: Phyllis
CBS 9:00pm: All in the Family
CBS 9:30pm: M*A*S*H
CBS 10:00pm: Beacon Hill
NBC 8:00pm: The Invisible Man
NBC 9:00pm: Adam-12
NBC 9:30pm: NBC World Premiere Movie

ABC 8:00pm: When Things Were Rotten
ABC 8:30pm: The Howard Cosell Show
ABC 9:30pm: ABC Wednesday Movie of the Week
CBS 8:00pm: Tony Orlando and Dawn
CBS 9:00pm: Cannon
CBS 10:00pm: Kate McShane
NBC 8:00pm: Little House on the Praire
NBC 9:00pm: Police Story
NBC 10:00pm: Petrocelli

ABC 8:00pm: Barney Miller
ABC 8:30pm: On the Rocks
ABC 9:00pm: The Streets of San Francisco
ABC 10:00pm: The Rookies
CBS 8:00pm: The Waltons
CBS 9:00pm: CBS Thursday Night Movie
NBC 8:00pm: Flo's Place
NBC 8:30pm: Fay
NBC 9:00pm: Ellery Queen
NBC 10:00pm: Medical Story

ABC 8:00pm: Bridger
ABC 9:00pm: The ABC Friday Night Movie
CBS 8:00pm: Big Eddie
CBS 8:30pm: Joe and Sons
CBS 9:00pm: Hawaii Five-O
CBS 10:00pm: Barnaby Jones
NBC 8:00pm: Sanford and Son
NBC 8:30pm: Chico and the Man
NBC 9:00pm: The Rockford Files
NBC 10:00pm: Police Woman

ABC 8:00pm: The Best Years of Our Lives
ABC 9:00pm: Starsky & Hutch
ABC 10:00pm: S.W.A.T.
CBS 8:00pm: Doc
CBS 8:30pm: The Mary Tyler Moore Show
CBS 9:00pm: The Bob Newhart Show
CBS 9:30pm: The Jeffersons
CBS 10:00pm: The Carol Burnett Show
NBC 8:00pm: Emergency!
NBC 9:00pm: NBC Saturday Night at the Movies


  • In the original draft, there are new shows planned: River Man, The Best Years of Our Lives, Bridger, Flo's Place, Nevada Smith and Friendly Persuasion. It went unused in the final draft.
  • There are many draft revisions sent by the Big Three major networks before making it into the final draft.
  • In the final draft, Harry O, Movin' On, Happy Days, Medical Center, That's My Mama and Marcus Welby M.D. got renewed, cancelling out Gunsmoke, Adam-12, the ABC Movie of the Week installments and NBC World Premiere Movie.
  • In the original draft, it was Buckley, in its revisions and the final draft, it became Bronk.
  • In the final draft, the new shows were: Mobile One (formerly Mobile Two), The Family Holvak (formerly just Holvak), Doctor's Hospital, Joe Forrester, Matt Helm and The Montefuscos (formerly Sunday Dinner).
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