The Get-Along Gang Movie is a 1988 Canadian-American animated film based off the Get-Along Gang characters created by American Greetings. Produced by DIC Entertainment and Crawleys Animation. The film was primarily financed by American Greetings as well as toy company Tomy and film production company The Cannon Group. DIC executives Andy Heyward and Jean Chalopin as well as Cannon Group co-founder Menahem Golan were among the producers of the film.

The film was released in North America by Cannon Film Distributors on November 1, 1988. While more positively received than the Care Bears films, it performed weakly at the box office. It has since become a cult classic due to it's soundtrack and popularity of the Get-Along Gang franchise with members of the furry fandom. The film influenced later animated films such as Angelina Ballerina: The Movie.



The film was budgeted at $10 million, a larger budget than the one used for creating each episode of the 1987 animated series that the film was spun off from. DIC animation advisor Kazumi Fukushima co-directed the film with Crawleys' Ned Roelandts.


The soundtrack album was released on LP, cassette, CD and DAT by Enigma Records in the United States and CBS Records in the United Kingdom. The album features several songs, including Devo's "Disco Dancer" and "Baby Doll", Kidd Video's "Electronic Soldier", Artiste's "Ladylike", and Wolfwood's "King of the World". The soundtrack charted at #2 in El Kadsre, where it went Double Platinum in 1990, but only charted as far as #38 in the United States.

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