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The Greeny Phatom Superstar Show is a Greeny Phatom spin-off made by youtuber GreenyPhatomCentral which follow the lives of Little Guy and his friends. The series began on December 1st, 2018. Only 2 episodes has been uploaded. Spinoffs include Little Guy and Dr. PBS and Super Greeny Bros. Ultimate. A reboot is planned for January 2020.

Characters (in order of introduction)

*Since The Series is Still Being Worked On, List is subject to change*

  1. Little Guy
  2. Dr. Beanson
  3. Geo Guy
  4. Gree Guy
  5. Dr.
  6. Dr. PBS
  7. Bryan Guy
  8. Lucas Guy
  9. Fancy Guy*
  10. Business Guy*
  11. Santed Sailor^
  12. Little Girl^
  13. Bill^
  14. Daniel^
  15. Mr. Greeny Phatom^
  16. Lil Greeny
  17. Sara^
  18. Larry^
  19. EveryJob!
  20. Little Guy 2
  21. Little Guy 3
  22. Little Guy 4
  23. Little Guy 5
  24. Little Guy 6
  25. Little Guy 7

*one-off characters only seen again in stock footage or never seen again

^characters that have not appeared yet but have been confirmed

!characters who's names/designs are not yet finalized


Season 0 (2017)

Back in the summer of 2017, GreenyPhatomCentral was named GreenytoonsUniverse. A show with the same name became The Greeny Phatom Superstar Show. Only 1 episode was made with 2 others planned. The only episode's files were recently found so it will be Episode 4.

# Episode Title Upload Date Prod. Code
0 The Disk August 2nd 2017

(later deleted)

Turned into S1E4 (the only thing different is that there will be voices)
0 Too Much Energy Never Made GTU-2
Planned but cancelled. Plot going to be turned into S1E9.
0 New Roommates Never Made GTU-3
Planned but cancelled.

Season 1 (2018)

*Since The Series is Still Being Worked On, List is subject to change*

# Episode Title Upload Date Prod. Code Written By
1 New Series December 1st 2018 GPSS-1 GreenyPhatomCentral
2 The Party December 13th 2018 GPSS-2 GreenyPhatomCentral
3 Geo Guy's Mistake TBA GPSS-3 GreenyPhatomCentral
4 The Disk TBA GPSS-4 GreenyPhatomCentral
5 Goodbye, Dr. Beanson TBA GPSS-5 GreenyPhatomCentral
6 Choose Your Adventure TBA GPSS-6 GreenyPhatomCentral
7 Bill and the NO COPYRIGHT Rule TBA GPSS-7 Billyboi
8 Jailbreak TBA GPSS-8 O Muss (suggestion)
9 Too Much Energy TBA GPSS-9 GreenyPhatomCentral
10 Geo Guy's Mistake 2 TBA GPSS-10 GreenyPhatomCentral
11 Greeny Phatom Kart TBA GPSS-11 GreenyPhatomCentral
12 The Greeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Virus TBA GPSS-12 Billyboi
13 The Election TBA GPSS-13 GreenyPhatomCentral
14 Bill goes to Japan (Part 1) TBA GPSS-14 Billyboi
15 Bill goes to Japan (Part 2) TBA GPSS-15 Billyboi
16 New News TBA GPSS-16 GreenyPhatomCentral
17 Geo Guy & Lil Greeny TBA GPSS-17 GreenyPhatomCentral
18 The Clone TBA GPSS-18 GreenyPhatomCentral
19 Bill's #1 Fan Fan TBA GPSS-19 GreenyPhatomCentral
20 Dr. Crazynick and Doctor: Best Friends TBA GPSS-20 Billyboi
21 Dr. Beanson's New Job TBA GPSS-21 GreenyPhatomCentral
22 Training Video TBA GPSS-22 GreenyPhatomCentral
23 Sony Wonder Soup TBA GPSS-23 Billyboi
24 What's Under Dr. Beanson's Hat? TBA GPSS-24 GreenyPhatomCentral
25 Bill VS Sonichu VS Little Guy: An Epic Battle TBA GPSS-25 Billyboi
26 The Clones Return TBA GPSS-26 GreenyPhatomCentral
27 Let Morge Goy Rest! TBA GPSS-27 Billyboi
28 The Best Of Season 1 Award Show TBA GPSS-28 GreenyPhatomCentral


These are other Greeny Phatom series that are or will be made by GreenyPhatomCentral

Little Guy and Dr. PBS Logo

Little Guy and Dr. PBS

*Since The Series is Still Being Worked On, List is subject to change*

This is a series where Little Guy and Dr. PBS interview 1 main character who will be introduced in the next episode of The Greeny Phatom Superstar Show. The only exceptions will be The Christmas Special and The Finale.

# Episode Title Original Upload Date Prod. Code
1 Santed Sailor December 8th, 2018 LGPBS-1
2 The Christmas Special December 25th, 2018 LGPBS-2
3 Little Girl TBA LGPBS-3
4 Bill TBA LGPBS-4
5 Mr. Greeny Phatom TBA LGPBS-5
6 Sara TBA LGPBS-6
7 EveryJob TBA LGPBS-7
8 The Clones TBA LGPBS-8
9 The Finale TBA LGPBS-9

Super Greeny Bros. Ultimate

*Since The Series is Still Being Worked On, List is subject to change*

To celebrate the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, GreenyPhatomCentral decided to make a series based off that. Little Guy, Little Girl and Dr. PBS are the hosts. This series makes the first appearance of Little Girl and the only times Fancy Guy and Business Guy's names are said.

The logo for Quarter Finals

# Episode Title Original Upload Date Prod. Code
1 Quarter Finals-1 December 12th, 2018 SGBU-1
2 Quarter Finals-2 TBA SGBU-2
3 Quarter Finals-3 TBA SGBU-3
4 Quarter Finals-4 TBA SGBU-4
5 Semi Finals-1 TBA SGBU-5
6 Semi Finals-2 TBA SGBU-6
7 Finals TBA SGBU-7


  • Each episode takes about an average of 1 and a half weeks to make.
  • The original pilot was made August 2017.


Fancy Guy (left) and Business Guy (right)

A Screenshot from the original Pilot.

Santed Sailor, Little Guy and Dr. PBS.

Little Guy, Geo Guy, Gree Guy and Dr. Beanson in Little Guy's Living Room.

Dr. PBS, Little Guy and Little Girl

Dr. Beanson is Mad!

Bryan Guy doing the floss while Dr. watches in horror.

Bill being lude 'n' crude again!

Greeny Phatom

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