The Ice-T Show is an American sitcom web series on Polygon. The series was originally pitched to and given a pilot by Bounce TV as Room Service in 2017, and stars Ice-T as Sammy Mahama-Williams.


Sammy Mahama-Williams (Ice-T), a down-on-his-luck middle-aged biracial electrician, moves from Springfield, Massachusetts to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to work at his family's hotel, the Havana Hotel. His widowed, white father Thomas "Sunkist" Williams (Rich Little) runs the hotel with Sammy, assisted by Thomas' right-hand man Worra Chanthalangsy (Yuji Okumoto), who is originally from Laos. Staff of the Havana Hotel include bellhops Paulie Dominguez, a former soul singer in the 1970's (Garrett Morris), and Oliver Smith (Paul Marcarelli), a New York native, porters Sergio Z., a Afro-Cuban born in "a tiny village with a unpronounceable name" (Godfrey), and Scott "Bozo" Harambe, a former corrections officer at Guantanamo Bay (Omar Gooding), and the hotel's front desk worker, former professional wrestler Johnny the Destroyer (D'Angelo Dinero).

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