The Klasky Csupo Show is an American animation series.

The Klasky Csupo Show

Logo characters

  • Klasky Csupo
  • Girl Csupo
  • Spiffy Pictures
  • Screen Gems
  • Viacom
  • Sesame Workshop

Gallery in broadcast

Why the show was moved to Adult Swim in Jussland

  • in Jussland, Klasky Csupo says "Sexy" instead of "Sause"
  • It was turned to 18 years old only.
  • in One episode, Jussland Censors Us, Klasky and his friends ranted on Jussland.
    • The episode was banned.
  • All the characters (except for Girl Csupo and Pixar) are drunk.
  • The show was titled and renamed "Ле Хоррибле анд Террибле Мисадвентурес оф Сплаат!", Russian for "Le Horrible and Terrible Misadventures of Salad!"
  • Splaat's new name is Salad.
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