The Masked Ladyborg is a 2005 El Kadsreian kadsresatsu television series created by Akira Hisashi. Produced by Silver Bullet Television and El TV Kadsre Television, the show premiered on February 20, 2005, on ETVKK, and concluded on February 27, 2006, lasting over 51 episodes. This was the first television series to be produced by Akira Hisashi.

In 2015, the series returned in the form of a theatrical film titled Ladyborg: The Next Generation, which received financial and critical success, thus regaining the franchise's popularity.


Set in modern-day El Kadsre, Melissa Spielmann, a famous explorer, discovers a secret lair by accident during one of her travels. This leads to her discovering a specially-made suit and morphing device resembling a ladybug, while at the same time discovered another device whose look resembles a stag beetle.

During that time, a group of excavators plans to drill a portion of a cave right near the same place where. However, this unexpectedly releases the Inzectors, a group of insectoids who plans to exterminate all humans of Earth and make it a new home for their race.

Upon the discovery of the two devices, the local museum celebrated Melissa's newfound discovery. However, the museum was soon attacked by the Inzectors. Using her newfound powers, Melissa fights the Inzectors and their leader, General Eidihoth, as the superheroine Ladyborg. During the latter half of the series, Melissa gives the second morphing device to her archeologist friend Terrel Webber, who becomes Stagmaster.


  • Cecia Miguel as Melissa Spielmann/Ladyborg
  • Erling Lind as Terrel Webber/Stagmaster


Sometime in 2004, Akira Hisashi was searching for something in the basement of her home when she found a drawing of a ladybug-themed superhero that she made during her childhood. She also happened to find a draft that focuses on the character titled "The Adventures of Ladybot". Soon after, she redesigned the character to "fit for a more modern generation", and rewrote the character's background in secret.

After Akira finished reworking the character, She went to El TV Kadsre Films and first pitched it as a new character for the Technic Heroes series. However, though, the idea was scrapped because the Technic Heroes franchise already had a female superhero with Lana X, and they didn't want to confuse the new heroine with Lana. Fortunately, Shirou Matsushita, who was the CEO of El TV Kadsre Television Network back then, was interested in the character, stating in an interview that "we have never seen a ladybug-themed superhero on television before, and I think it's our chance to give them the spotlight that they deserve". Akira quickly agreed on the matter and decided to produce a TV series for the character instead.

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