The New Chronicles: The Journey Begins is a 1999 El Kadsreian kadsresatsu film written by Sung GIm, produced by BTV Films and distributed in the United States by USA Films and it was released in October 1999. It spawned a TV spin-off series The New Chronicles, which aired from 2000 to 2002 in El Kadsre on Banushen Television and in the US on Sci Fi.




In 1996, after leaving El TV Kadsre, Darren Cody moved to Banushen Media Corporation. He wanted to take Sung Gim's script for the unfinished Technic Heroes film B11: Bionicle: The Next Generation Part 2 and retooled the script and characters and created the concept for The New Chronicles, and pitched it to BTV Films.

October Films purchased the U.S. distribution rights for $20 million, after a contract battle with Fox Searchlight Pictures, Miramax and R.A. Releasing.

Filming occurred in the Dallas, Texas and Houston, Texas metropolitan areas in the summer of 1998. Many scenes at Tyran University were filmed at Fort Worth's Texas Christian University. The interior shots of the Tyran University auditorium were filmed at Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas' Fair Park complex. The production also shot interior sequences at The Studios at Las Colinas in Irving.

The scenes at the Sanbe Space Center are a combination of establishing shots at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston and shots with the actors at the Texas Instruments plant in Richardson. Due to scheduling issues, they could not close down the plant for filming, and thus, much of those in the background of these shots were Texas Instruments employees, some of which chose to dress up in spare costumes from the production crew after hearing about the shoot. The scenes at the Allways Mall were filmed in the Houston tunnel system and the Houston Galleria. The McDonald's is on North Belt Line Road in Irving.

Additional filming took place at selected locations in the Czech Republic, including Vyšehrad in Prague standing in for Karrak's lunar base (with interiors filmed in the Barrandov Studios).

The film also employs computer-generated imagery and special effects created by Fuse Special Effects and the Plano-based VFX house Lone Star VFX Productions.


Home media

The films was released by El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment in 2000 in the El Kadsreian Islands on VHS, TVD, Laserdisc, and on DVD and VHS by USA Home Entertainment the same year in the US and Canada.

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