'The New Star Trigon' (Japanese: ニュースタートリゴン, Hepburn: 'Nyū Sutā Torigon') is a Japanese anime series created and written by Susumu Takajima, and is the current arc of The Drillimation Series. The series is set 20 years after the events of Mr. Driller Drill Spirits, and follows the adventures of Tetsuo Izumi-Hori, who is the son of Susumu Hori and Konata Izumi. He befriends Risako Takara-Hoshi, who is the daughter of Wataru Hoshi and Miyuki Takara. The series was animated by Kyoto Animation for the first two seasons. However, after the terrorist attack on the Kyoto Animation studio occurred in July 2019, the second half of the third season will be animated by El TV Kadsre Animation.

In the United States, the show is aired on Disney XD and the KidsClick programming block (Disney XD airs the Drillimation Studios California dub while KidsClick airs the HG Distribution dub).

In the Island of Sally, the show is aired on Disney Channel in a 4:3 format. It airs the Japanese version with rather colourful Sallyish subtitles. It airs on Friday afternoons after My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

In Latin America, the show is aired as Luchadores de Estrellas: La Acción Continúa (which translates into English as Star Fighters: The Action Continues) on Televisa's Tiin network. The dub is produced by Alberto Fernandez Doblajes y Asociados in Puerto Chango, which has dubbed most Drillimation media since the early 90's.



The backstory begins after the defeat of Dr. Manhole. Konata Izumi is declared as the next monarch of the Lucky Star Kingdom but realizes she cannot win the spot until she marries Prince Susumu Hori. Later, Lord Soujirou becomes impeached and overthrown for wrongdoing and being abusive to his daughter Konata again. Giving Konata the open spot, she wants to be married and coronated at the same time.

In a forest of cherry blossoms on one sunset, Konata meets Susumu there and tells him that she is moving away to Nagoya and wants to give Susumu a farewell gift. The gift to Susumu ends up being an engagement ring, with Konata asking Susumu to marry her. Within a matter of weeks, Susumu and Konata become married and become the new monarchy of the Lucky Star Kingdom. As a result of the marriage, Susumu is forced to move to Nagoya as well.

Childhood friends Wataru Hoshi and Miyuki Takara also become married and move to Nagoya as well. Within a year of their marriage, both couples have their first child, that would later be Tetsuo Izumi-Hori and Risako Takara-Hoshi.

Name in other languages

  • Spanish - Luchadores de Estrellas: La Acción Continúa (Star Fighters: The Action Continues)
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