The Noob Movie III Descent Into The Eternal Darkness is a 2015 film And the 5th installment of The Noob Franchise. Plot : 3 years after the events of The Noob Movie II the Roblox servers are being installed with new surveillance software to keep a bug in the system under control that has been in the Roblox Mainframe ever since After the bug emerges as a virus that spreads through the entire Robloxia one day A Robloxian called Corruptix is created in the Hacker base who is bent on hacking the entire world creating and ultimately destroying Robloxia itself when it's weak enough. The Noob has problems of his own however as he is eager but very worried about his planned marriage proposal to Susan durning a day out to Las Bloxas. The movie taked 1 year to do and special effects took only 20 days to finish

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