The Noob Movie IV Second Coming Of Corruptix is a 2016 film and the sixth installment of The Noob (franchise). 2 years after the successful adventure Corruptix revives in Hackerland tries it's best effort to combat Corruptix and his new 2 assistants LethalByte and PowerProtocol Meanwhile Susan is ordered to evacuate the country and refuses to hoping to kill Corruptix The Noob haves problems of his own as well hes trapped in purgatory between reality and Ro-heaven held in chains to stop him from escaping Being able to communicate with Corruptix The Noob is Robloxia only hope and he must find a way to physiologically stop Corruptix from destroying Robloxia. The film took 2 years to make because of the hard work The movie have a 567 million gross making it the most successful film in Robloxia It also haves a 200 million budget

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